'Stripy' Bedroom Chair


Stripy Bedroom Chair - Before 1.jpg
Stripy Bedroom Chair - Before 4.jpg

Now, what a pleasure this was to work on!  We couldn't wait to get started and when we found out what fabric our client had chosen, we were even more excited!

They had gone for a gorgeous 'stripe'.  What it did mean was, that we had to make sure every line, lined up millimetre perfect....and that, it does!


When we striped the cover off, the existing foam almost turned to powder so we replaced the inner layer and covered it with a white piece of material to ensure a smooth finish.

Once we had replaced this, it was as good as new! What an outcome! And i'm pleased to say our client was delighted.

Stripy Bedroom Chair - During.jpg
Stripy Bedroom Chair - During 2.jpg